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Hello! I’m BrightonE Social Media Consultant. I look forward to building your social media presence to help your business flourish. I have always enjoyed connecting people and seeing where the internet can take you. From a very young age I have always had and adapted to technology. My parents regretted giving my a cell phone so early because it was a distraction, yet I adapted so well I learned how to use it to make a job!

I originally got my first degree in Mass Communications and wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do long term. I had a history of various jobs and interests and had a hard time solidifying one job. Luckily I found the entertainment industry and all of the different career paths within it and ended up getting my second degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University. I still couldn't narrow down the field to either film or music so I decided to do social media until I gain more contacts in these fields and experience!

I love working in social media because I can constantly see my progress and the progress of the businesses or people's accounts I am taking care of. There are countless apps and new ways to utilize social media to gain followers and connections for each type of account and business! I have loved learning these different tools and enjoy using them on each platform to get the most out of a social media account.

When I'm not taking care of my social media accounts I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and two wonderful dogs. I also really love to watch documentaries and continue to learn as much as I can about the world. I have always had a traveling soul and make sure I go somewhere new each month whether it be a city or state. I hope to always be able to do this and experience as much as I can in this great big world!

I am 25 years young and am just graduating in April of 2016 with my second degree! I'm extrememly excited for the next part in my life of creating a career! I have years of experience behind me of work, school and an internship and hope these help me bounce into the next phase.

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